Business Solutions

Grow your business and stay competitive with our agile solutions. Colendi is here for a smooth transition into the fintech world.

Embedded Fintech Services
We collect traditional banking services, improve them with our cutting edge data technology to make it accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Financial Services API

Colendi’s API provides customized financial solutions suitable to your users’ needs. We equip you with clear API services that are easily integrable into your systems.

Ultimately, offering added value services for better customer satisfaction and optimized business operations.


Scoring Protocol

Scoring protocol allows you to have an alternative, unbiased reliability measure for your current and future customers. With our advanced technology, it is possible to perform fraud control and credit scoring at the same time.

Our scoring and fraud detection features are evaluated on top of machine learning algorithms, both are supervised and unsupervised.

Credit As A Service
Your own wallet, your own customers, and your own business with our credit solution. Via our flexible and easy-to-use credit payment solutions create new user experiences.

Micro Credit

For lucid and accessible finance, we have created modern credit. Colendi offers short-term, interest free loans with Buy Now Pay Later, delay, defer, and installment options.

Allow your customers to make purchases without the stress of a sudden financial burden, let them pay 30 days later, or in installments. Offer personally adjusted interest free micro credits to your customers for a better purchasing experience.


Buy Now Pay Later

Best way to pay over time. Give your users more time to pay.

A cutting-edge, rapid, and smart solutions to your users’ instant needs. With a convenient way to pay, your customers can make purchases and pay at a future date without interest.

Be Your Own Financier
Allow your users to invest and save with our investment options. Easy-to-use, agile, and comprehensive investment opportunities for your users.

Invest In Your Business

Fast and easy investment opportunities for your users.

Through the wallets we have developed, users can invest & micro-invest in various commodities, trade them 24/7, and get up-to-date market info in a single platform.



All commodities, precious metals, foreign currencies, stocks & fractional stocks are accessible to your users through our various banking partners.

On top of the traditional investment
options, offer your users a wide range of cryptocurrencies with a reliable custody service.


Credit Marketplace

Fully digital credit process. Colendi marketplace, with its network of 1.000+ merchants, offers instant credit with optimized rates allowing you to acquire a network of various business partners for you to expand your business operations in a more efficient way.

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