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Don’t waste more time thinking what you meant to do,
be what you meant to be with Colendi.


Colendi in a Nutshell

Colendi (noun)

co •len •di | \ ko -'len -'di

1. Which is to be cultivated

2. Which is to be protected

3. Which is the future of finance

Colendian (noun)

co -len •di •an | ko -len - 'di - an,

1. An individual whose roots are connected to Colendi

2. A cultured, refined and educated individual

What does a typical Colendian look like?
Colendian Style of Working
Shared Vision, Shared Culture

Thinking Outside of the Box

In our field, critical thinking and creativity can take us a long way. That is why we try to surround ourselves with individuals that are capable of seeing things from different perspectives.


Flexible in a Powerful Way

We don't follow certain discipline rules, but we make it a discipline. We believe that flexibility brings out the power in us.


Passion is Our Joy

At Colendi, we are all passionate individuals who mirror our passion to each other. This way,we incentivize our teammates to find their own passion while they are working alongside their teammates.


Sharing is Caring

If someone in our team has a know-how, they teach others how to know. We believe that we, as individuals, only get better when we share our knowledge and experience with our teammates and accept it as one of our core strengths. We are not afraid of making mistakes, we know Colendians will help us along the way.

Benefits of Being a Colendian
Life at Colendi